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  Glenn & Sheila Jones for Maverick
Debbie Hicks for Princess
Cindy Kirkham for LittleToby
Glenn & Sheila Jones for Gizmo
Barbra Johnson for Destiny
Robert Lovell for Little Toby
Glenn & Sheila Jones for Marty
Glenn & Sheila Jones for Sam Foster
Robert & Teresa Lovell for Abby
Ellie Bathe for Sally Bathe
Glenn & Sheila Jones for Marty
Bob & Teresa for Abby
Iris & Richard for Gillie
Monica, Rob, Liz, Tom, Mary for Faith
Larry & Maureen for Gillie
Barbra for Cheyenne
Glenn & Sheila Jones for Kia
Barbra Johnson for Hanna
Jan & Mike Brezina for Hanna
Bob & Teresa Lovell for Abby
Glenn & Sheila Jones for Cody
Glenn & Sheila Jones for Sparky
Rodney & Kathy Jones for Willow
Jan & William Butler for Katie & Shelby
Glenn & Sheila Jones for Gus
Monica Hodges for Faith

In Loving Memory

In Honor Of

Valerie Williamson for Glenn Jones            
Jean Porterfield for Jan Brezina  
Todd & Emily Voth for Marley
Barbra Johnson for Andy
Linda & Bill Nichols for Fergis
Mary Jacques for Nina and Maggie 
Jody & Phil Sommers for Kinzie
Barbara & Tom Bembynsha for Toby      


Sheltie Rescue
Kansas City Sheltie Rescue
Kansas City Sheltie Rescue
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Kansas City Sheltie Rescue

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Mission, Kansas  66201

Phone/Fax:   (913) 384-0366

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Pet Adoptions at Petco, 6801 W. 75th St.,
Overland Park, KS  66204
2nd & 4th Saturday each month......10am to 2pm
1st Sunday of each month...........11am to 3pm

Richard & Rebecca Eggleston       
Douglas & Jennie Sindok
Barbara Bederman
Matthew & Denise Wiesenberg
Lisa McCluer 
Jan & Mike Brezina
Phillips Conoco
Melanie Dirks
J. Michael & Jayne Looney
Greg Nicholson & Peggy Brown
Petco Foundation 
Bark 'n Blues (
Tom Graves
Shirlee Allen
Joann & Harley Graham
Melody Grantham 
Lisa Mills
Jan & Mike Brezina
Mike Brezina
Audrey Lajoie
Ned Voth
Annie Kremers
Kent Voth
Indigo Wild (
Christine Tzumas
Joe & Beth Schmidt

Indigo Wild          
James & Farris Kundle
Jim & Gail Greenwood
Indigo Wild
Kathy & Rodney Jones
Tom Graves
Katrina Huber
Patrick & Carrie Lenahan
Melody Grantham
Tracy Riffle
Maureen Gamble   
Debbie Hicks
Rhonda Thiedke
Mike & Jayne Looney
Maureen Gamble
Carley Graham
Mel Dirks
Brian & Susan Rawlings
United Missouri Bank (UMB)
Jan Brezina
Emily Voth
Anthony Shiu
Mary Swett
Katrina Burket Huber
Courtney Callegari
Christine Phillips

Lena Chiles for Prince 
Liz Birkenmeier for Charlotte                         
Glenn & Sheila Jones for Marty                    
Debbie Brown for Indy                                   
Phil & Jody Summers for Peggy                     
Jim & Gale Greenwood for Cassie, Sadie, Zoey
G. Nicholson & Peggy Browne for Raigen 
Deb, Andy, Amelia, Hannah Crowl for Merriam Crowl