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Sadie 260 viewsWinner of September 2009 Sheltie of the Month
Sadie 254 viewsWinner of September 2009 Sheltie of the Month
Little Toby's easy ride242 viewsPhoto captured by the Kansas City Star.
Travis "Dutch" 241 viewsFinally, after 2 1/2 years, I was able to write something about dear, sweet Travis for the Rainbow bridge section of our website. I don't know why his death haunts me so much more than the others I have lost - he was just so special. Anyway, here goes:

Travis, known as Dutch while in Rescue, joined my home in January 2007.

Having just lost my Lab mix to Cancer, I went to the pet adoption event looking for a playmate for my 4 year old female Sheltie. I wanted a young, playful Sheltie, but none fit the bill that day. As I was walking out, an old arthritic dog came to the front of his cage for some petting, and looked at me with such sweet, soulful black eyes. I walked out, silently wishing the old guy well.

I couldn't get the image of his soft eyes out of my mind, and called the next day to inquire about him. At nine years old, Travis had been in rescue for over a year and his options were limited.

Travis quickly settled into my home and claimed the main floor as his personal living space. He was on thyroid medicine, needed bi-weekly medicinal baths at the groomer to combat his dry skin, and was quickly put on arthritis pain medication. Travis was a low key guy who required high maintenance, but I didn't care - he was worth every dime.

Once the arthritis meds kicked in, Travis felt so much better. He quickly became a fearless bunny hunter, always trying to coax the rabbits out from under my shed, and sitting at the back door awaiting his next opportunity.

A year later, while in for his annual shots, the vet ominously mentioned a lump in his right underarm. The poor old guy had so many lumps and bumps, that I had never noticed this one. I had it biopsied, and the pathology report came back as cancerous. My heart sank.

We sat on the couch that night after the news, I buried my tear filled face into his luxurious fur, praying for an answer as to how to proceed. Travis looked up at me through his dark eyes, as if to say "I feel good and choose quality over quantity". (Or maybe he was trying to tell me to quit blubbering and let him outside to chase the bunnies . . .)

Three months later, he lost control of his bowels, so I knew it was time to let Travis cross the Rainbow Bridge.

I have lost many dogs over the years, but letting Travis go was the hardest.

Travis, you left deep paw prints on my heart. I wish you happy bunny hunting at the Rainbow Bridge.

I miss you still.

Travis "Dutch" Hicks
12/1998 - 3/2008
Easy Lily (2)237 views
Ernie234 viewsWinner of November 2009 Sheltie of the Month
Banana Split Kizzy231 views
Apache/Patch225 views
Whew, I'm tired! 220 views
Indigo 218 views
Copperlee215 views
Phoebe 208 views Don't be sad my rescue friends. I had so much fun with you. It felt so amazing to give and receive love so freely if only for a short time. Not to mention the ice cream treats, the good food, and all of my new sheltie friends. Then there was riding in the front seat, and best of all - napping with my foster moms.
Whoever would have thought that I would ride so proudly in a parade on a float all dressed up in my party collar? It was a little scary at first but what fun. And the sheltie after party, all I can say is WOW.
I learned to sit for treats and to go for nature walks. I loved it when people would stop and pet me and say how beautiful I was. Oh the petting, I’d get so lost in the petting and relax so completely that I'd fall off the couch. The grooming, brushing, and bathing felt so nice. I knew I was a mess when I came to you, I didn't know what to do about it, and I was frightened. You loved me anyway and took care of me and I thank you for that. I loved the attention and I loved the safe places you provided for me when I needed to be alone and just think. You helped me get free of so many parasites. But you couldn't know that some would just never leave.
It is good here on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. Some of my babies are here and they helped me cross! We had so little time together before. Now we have forever. Don't be sad my rescue friends. I will be watching for you. Keep up your good work with rescue and keep reminding people how important heartworm prevention is.
Phoebe came to rescue at 8 years of age from a puppy mill/auction situation on 4/25/10. She tested positive for heartworms, hookworms, and a yeast infection in her ears. Despite treatment she passed away due to complications from the infestation and surviving heartworms 8/6/10. Sadly missed by all who loved and cared for her.

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